Pitch side first aid course

A pitch side first aid course was run in March. Those who completed it are:

  • Declan Byrne
  • Brian Moran
  • Denis Doyle
  • Noel Shannon
  • Lar Harper
  • James Stafford
  • Richie Doyle
  • Ger Byrne
  • Chris McGrath
  • Kevin Stapleton
  • Paul Whelan
  • Tony Doyle
  • Eileen Horan
  • Anne-Marie Doyle
  • Shelia Barnes
  • Mick O’Brien
  • Philip Doyle

There are a total of 17 members trained in pitch side first aide and all the Annacurra teams have at least one trained mentor and even the Derry Gales teams are covered.  This means that all Annacurra teams will have a trained person with a first-aid kit on the sideline for all matches and training sessions.  There is a fully stocked first aid kit located at all times in the referees dressing room.