Healthy Club Project

The Club is a member of the GAA’s Healthy Club campaign. The intention of this is to promote health and well being in our club and community as a whole both inside and outside of sport.

This is a national program run by the GAA from Croke Park and Annacurra GAA club is one of only 18 clubs in the country to be taking part.

As part of this process a survey was carried out and results and action plan details can be found here: Healthy Club Launch.

The initiatives as part of this will include:

  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Anti-bullying
  • Health & Safety improvements in the club
    • As part of our health and safety campaign a Pitch Side First Course has been run with 17 members now trained in this.
    • The club will continue to improve/upgrade our facilities to ensure they are maintained in a safe manner for all who use them.
    • There are plans for improved lighting and an upgrade of the shower system in the dressing rooms.
    • If anybody wants to report any other issues or hazards around the grounds, please talk to any of the committee.
  • Physical Activity to encourage exercise and health awareness among past players of the club
    • As part of this initiative we have arranged for an Athletics Ireland registered coach to come down to Annacurra for 5-6 weeks to help set up an adult fitness group open to all levels of fitness to get people running or walking more every Thursday evening at 8pm until the 26th of June.
  •  Diet & Nutrition advice

Please see the  Annacurra – Healthy Club Project – Press Release for some more details.

As part of our Healthy Club initiative we are highlighting the Irish Health Promotion website, This is a fantastic resource for help with such topics as quitting smoking, drinking responsibly, mental health, drug abuse, physical activity and much more. Please check it out for more details.